This photo was taken at Alex’s 21st / Evan’s 18th birthday celebration in April 2011.

Our family has been committed, throughout Alex’s life, to achieving a great life for him. Though that life will, inevitably, be limited by his disability, we don’t think it should be limited by attitudinal or access barriers or by lack of options and opportunities. Our vision for him has remained remarkably unchanged throughout his life.

We live in the Central West of New South Wales, Australia, about 3 hours west of Sydney and enjoy what we think is a community that offers reasonable variety for a rural setting and has a good reserve of genuine goodwill for us to draw on.



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  1. Gina @ says:

    So great to find your blog Alex. I will be following with interest.
    You perhaps don’t realise just how much impact you have had in Mac’s pursuit of the good life – in the early days we often applied the “Alex Test” to see if what we were being offered was a good option for Mac… so thank you.
    Gina & Mac

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